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We offer comprehensive content development services, ranging from creating publications such as Annual Reports, developing data-based infographics and white papers, to user story and app design planning, to web-based training design. Our team of experienced content developers will create engaging, high-quality, and visually appealing content targeted to specific audiences, and to help you reach your desired goals.
Web design studio

Our website design service offers unique and dynamic layouts, with intuitive navigation for both desktop and mobile users. The theme and layout are tailored to each individual customer, allowing you to create an online presence that truly reflects your brand. We make sure that visitors to your website are able to easily understand your value-add and service offerings, helping drive business and repeat customers. 

We utilize a single platform for all of our website design work. It is very robust and has a variety of capabilities, but we do not house a team of developers. We take a simplified approach to website design that enables us to do a full handover of website maintenance to those clients who desire to take over once the initial development is completed. 
Business Desk With Laptop and Coffee

We offer start-up support for small businesses and non-profits. Our services include initial strategy development, logo design and branding, and SOP and policy document creation. We have the expertise necessary to get your organization off the ground and help you begin to initiate and implement structures and processes to help you succeed.

**JUDD Consulting does not give legal advice or cost accounting guidance. We can help you formulate discussion points for attorneys and accountants, as appropriate.
Wavy Pink Sheets


JUDD provides comprehensive executive / C-Suite level briefings, overarching and line of business-specific capability statements, and proposal graphics to help you present your your company, vision, and work products in a visually appealing and professional manner. We will work with you to create compelling visuals that effectively communicate your message and make your documents stand out.

While we no longer engage in extensive Federal level proposal writing, our team has over 25 years of Federal proposal writing experience and can provide assistance in color team reviews, final compliance and editing, and overall proposal management. 
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